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15 Biographies every business student should read – Business MattersBusiness Matters

15 Biographies every business student should read – Business MattersBusiness Matters

An autobiography essay is a piece of writing highlighting the legendary recollection of someone’s life that starts from where their place of birth and achievements. When required to write an autobiography essay, you should focus on the professional or achievement level of a prominent person who has had a great impact on the world.
One of the most effective means of becoming a successful entrepreneur is to learn from the veterans who have done it.  People have different strategies for getting wins and achieving better results in business. Even if you think school education is the only thing you need, reading biographies of successful people, their stories can be inspiring and entertaining at the very least.
This page has numerous autobiography samples and examples that both high school and college students can use to learn. A sample of autobiography essay will help you know how to come up with an entertaining essay.
Here are 15 biographies every business student must read that offer insight to leaders in business throughout history into the modern days.
Bill Gates made a name for himself as a tech guru due to his impressive technology improvements. However, not many people are familiar with his history about the painstaking steps he had to take to create Microsoft into the behemoth that it is today. If you are looking for business autobiographies to read, why not try the story about how Bill Gates went from embarrassing failure to becoming one of the wealthiest people in the globe.
It is Corcoran’s ample beginnings that makes her success story interesting, and this is one of the best CEO biographies you can ever read. At the age of 23, Corcoran had already done 22 jobs. Her autobiography explains how her last job created an opportunity for creating the $6 billion company known as Corcoran Group. Currently, Corcoran is well-known as one of the sharks on the TV show SHARK TANK, a television program where numerous aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their ideas in a quest to get funding.
If you haven’t heard of Farrah Gray, its time you made an effort to read about him. At 14, he sold his first business for over $1 million. People magazines acknowledge him as the first African American teenager to have that level of success without getting into the entertainment industry or using his family connection. Farrah’s investment plans are just one facet of his well-rounded business style as he provides nine pieces of advice for attaining success that any can use. Reallionaire is a great example of the best biology you must read.
Just like Gray, Tony Hsieh exhibited entrepreneurial drive at a tender age. He began his business venture with a worm farm and later sold his advertising company to Microsoft for $265 million. Currently, he serves as a Zappos’ visionary CEO. Since Zappos is always credited as having a happiest and healthiest business cultures, this is one of the interesting business biography books you need to read.
Richard Branson has been successful in numerous business ventures. For example, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Records AND Virgin Megastores. Perhaps the most humorous billionaire biographies on our list, Richard’s autobiography is definitely worth reading as a business student. He prepared a list of Rules for success, which he combines with colorful adventures that teach and amuse his audience at the same time.
This biography sample gives an inside look at how Amazon boss Jeff Bezos advanced an online bookstore into everything that the online shop is currently. What makes this autobiography interesting for college students is the latest scrutiny Amazon has gotten regarding its corporate culture.
Warren Buffet is another billionaire that can’t miss from our list of the best biographies of business leaders. Make sure you get this biography as it presents great business insights. Similar to other great leaders discussed on this list, Warren started his entrepreneurship journey at a tender age. He bought his first stock at the age of 11. As one of the wealthiest people in the universe, Warren shares his tricks on both attaining success and battling struggles.
Perhaps you’ve heard TOMS shoes, the firm whose slogan is One for One. This means that for every pair of shoes bought, a pair is given to a kid in need. The biography encourages people to do what the title says: begin something that matters and has a real purpose. It is when the determination for income is merged with the objective of making a positive change that has business has the potential to succeed.
This biography explains how the vision of a 19-year-old college student transformed social media in a short period. Mark Zuckerberg has continued to hit the headlines with his achievements, ranking position 16 in the world’s richest people and his huge charitable donations.
As the brain behind the creation of SpaceX, SolarCity, PayPal, and Tesla Motors, Elon Musk is well-recognized for his intensity. This is one of the interesting business biography books that every business student should read. It offers an inside view of how Elon uses his intensity to bring change in his business venture and on an international scale.
Chrysler CEO was recognized as the 18th-greatest American CEO of all time by Portfolio. Despite going separate ways with Ford due to some disagreement with Henry Ford II, Lacocca employed his talent and skills to rebuild Chrysler, which was collapsing at that time.
Starbucks executive Howard Schultz explains how he used distinct plans to continuously keep both its workers and clients satisfied, despite its fast growth. This is a worthy biography for any student aspiring to venture into this type of business.
Walmart enterprises are omnipresent in the US, but that wasn’t the situation before. Sam Walton, the owner of the retail giant, acquired a store in Arkansas and multiplied that over his profession into the current stores across the US that are over 40000. This autobiography evaluates the principles whereby a single business model can be expanded to attain impressive success.
Ex eBay executive Meg Whiteman is unique in a way that she implemented a hard-to-attain equilibrium of attaining impressive success for her business. In this autobiography, she describes how her ten core values are essential both in life and in business.
Martha Stewart uses incredible strategies for building a thriving business. Even though her business might not align with your business aspirations, her overarching business cores will transcend the gap.
As a business student, it is important to have an idea of which business industry you aspire to work and identify some of the successful peoplefrom that niche from whom you can source aspirations. Reading biographies is an excellent way to know more about your role model and learn the skill sets that these individuals possess.

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